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Post by SovietOmega on Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:28 am

"WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE!" The dragon's cry towered above even that noise. It looked like Meskalamdug Amarth's eyes were about to pop off his face!

"Something wrong, friend?"

For once, Sakra's blunt manner makes Cadence smile.

"Nothing is impossible for a true space ace. Nor for the people who stake their lives and futures on him." Even ruined and battered, there was a certain regal air to Vadimar's voice, filled with poise and confidence.

"I can't say I was expecting you, certainly not like this. But I am glad you are here now. Let's get this settled then, shall we?"

Syrr Safir had been silent for some time, letting Marek handle the proceedings...but now, he smiled. "I see you are in poor shape, defendant. May I ask why that is the case?"
"Of course. I have been imprisoned, and suffered indignities. I have been robbed of my sight and my flight, which matter so much to me. The ones responsible for this...for keeping me prisoner and subjecting me to such vile treatments...are the goons of the Solarian government!"
"No way!"
"I can't believe this!"

"This is actually... pretty obvious, in hindsight." says Cadence to Marek.

"ORDER! ORDER! ORDER IN THE COURT!" The inferian judge tried to bring a semblance of calm to the revolutionized court by banging his gavel, but to no avail. The crowd could not be restrained this time!

A chaotic courtroom would do Marek no good, even if all his allies were now present. Turning his gaze upward for maximum spread amongst all present, Marek unleashes a holographic blast in the form of his badge. "OBJECTION! DO NOT PANIC! THIS IS STILL A COURTROOM AND THERE WILL. BE. ORDER!"

PW:AA OST: 11 - Investigation ~ Cornered (Variation)
With Marek's help, the judges finally found the support they needed. Slowly, order returned to the court.
"Well. This...this is a very unusual situation, alright." The Inferian judge grumbled, as things finally settled down.
"Agreed. This trial has taken many twists and turns..." The Audacian chimed in.

"...But I think we can all agree that such inhuman treatment cannot be tolerated. An investigation will have to be conducted, but at least for the moment, Mr. Marek's defendant MUST be taken out of the Solarians' hands." The human judge finished. And all at once, they banged their gavels.
"Mr. Marek, Vadimar will require a suitable guardian. Who would you appoint for such duties?"

"And that means... Mr. Amarth's statement of Vadimar remaining the property of the Solarian government MUST be amended!" Cadence points out towards Amarth in some display of bravado.

"No shit" (a fate point was spent by han to make this happen, in response to the 'twists and turns' the trial had taken)

"We can do one better than that. This new fact changes everything." Syrr Safir grinned like a shark as he stared down the great dragon. "Even slaves cannot be mistreated in this way. This voids any claim the Solarians might have to Vadimar. I motion...for Mr. Amarth's case to be thrown out of court!"

"Any among those of us who travelled to Galeria would qualify as guardian, however, I believe that guardian duties can be performed by Shamhat, who can provide sight and information while Vadimar is in a state of repair. Beyond that period, perhaps someone else will take over such duties."

"Mr. Safir, is this arrangement acceptable to you?"
The prosecutor nodded. "Yes, Your Honours. Of course."

"Then it is decided. Until such a time as a full investigation on the Solarian government has been conducted, this case will be left in suspense, and all previous claims from the Solarian Government on Vadimar are..."

"Preposterous...absolutely preposterous... Meskalamdug Amarth was quite literally white with rage, such tremendously potent was the energy coursing through his body in this moment. "This is not the last you'll hear of me, pitiful little attorneys. I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!"
A dozen lightning bolts fell from the sky as the grand prosecutor rose to the heavens, abandoning the courtroom in a fit of rage.



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Kristian Marek: Space Attorney - Turnabout Ace! - Page 2 Empty Re: Kristian Marek: Space Attorney - Turnabout Ace!

Post by SovietOmega on Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:31 am

Approaching the plaintiff's stand, Safir climbed up, smiling proudly. "Amazing. I wasn't sure we could do it...but in the end, justice has prevailed. Good work, Marek." And, still smiling, he offered him his hand.

An offered tentacle not having quite the same effect among bipeds, Marek politely projected an opposing hand to clasp with. "Your aid was invaluable, Safir. May we meet again in court!" The battle was long and hard fought, but in the end, Vadimar was free. Subject to further investigation, but Marek had no doubt that whatever trials lay ahead, they would be but gentle waves compared to the tsunami this one proved to be.


Congratulations, everyone. You've saved Vadimar from the Solarian government.
(Resuming GM voice now...)
Unexpected aid. Shocking revelations. An unprecedented turnabout. The first two days of the Vadimar Emancipation Case would go down in history - both for the precedents set in court, and the unspeakably unusual courtroom antics which ensued.
Due to helping justice be served, Darzi and her group were pardoned for stealing private property (of sorts) from the Golden Mirror. Thanks to their participation in the trial, ADAPA, Tank, Sakra's and Vaz'kar's level of notoriety grew, and soon they found themselves approached by admirers and potential contractors, among other curious folks.
Though a full victory over the fearsome Meskalamdug Amarth had not yet been claimed, this was enough. Vadimar was repaired, and given limited, but sufficient room to roam Ur-Kal, as a free robot.
But this was only the beginning...and the 'Space Aces' (so nicknamed by the media, after Vadimar's speech) were soon to face bigger adventures still.
For some, such a tumultuous trial would've been the end...but for them, it was merely the start of a new chapter.


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